Conceptual Design


At the early stages of the design process, V DENGEdetermines the parameters that will form the basis for optimum ship dimensions, hull form as well as the selection of propulsion system’s type & power and auxiliary systems, according to the customer’s requirements (for example, speed, DWT, number of passengers, number of vehicles, etc.)

Concerning the conceptual design stage of the project, weprovide the services stated as below;

  • Determination of main dimensions according to ship type, speed and carrying capacity
  • Preliminary form design
  • Speed-power analysis
  • Calculation of preliminary stability, trimmed and damaged stability conditions
  • Calculation of preliminary weight distribution
  • Calculation of longitudinal strength
  • Subdivision calculations
  • Preparation of preliminary general arrangement
  • Calculation of capacities
  • Feasibility studies
  • Preparation of Technical Specification Booklet