Services Overview

VDenge is providing engineering, design, consultation and project management services for the International Shipping, Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries and Maritime Suppliers

VDenge offers a comprehensive program of professional skills and services throughout the complete life circle of ships and marine engineering solutions within the fields of:

  • R&D Studies
  • Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
  • Conceptual Design, Detailed Design & Models
  • Consultation & Project Evaluation
  • Supervision, Inspection and Surveys
  • Maritime Specialized Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Transportation & Installation Engineering for Offshore Industry

By being an independent company, we are unbiased by outside financial interest and base our services on purely technical/technical-economical and operational considerations.

VDenge provides a very detailed engineering service and design work to create different types of ships and off shore constructions such as,

  • General Cargo Ships
  • Containers
  • Oil and/or Chemical Tankers
  • Passengers Ships and Ferries
  • Yachts
  • Off shore Vessels
  • Tugs
  • Rigs
  • Naval Ships
  • Propelled or Non-Propelled Heavy Duty Vessels
  • Multi-Hulls

Throughout these designs VDenge realizes the conceptual design, feasibility analysis, technical specifications, basic and classification plan, detailed engineering of hull and outfitting, instruction books and manual preparation and interior design, during the whole design process of a ship or any off shore construction.

Conceptual Design

We are specialized in defining the crucial design requirements. Finding the most optimal compromise between conflicting requirements, and mould ideas,. Attach dreams and visions into a design that actually can be built, profitable, safe and meets all regulations.

We believe that the best designs come from a continuous involvement of our customers. Innovation is crucial to survival in shipping and shipbuilding, therefore we spend a lot of time on research, exploration of concepts, testing and re-design of solutions.

As long as we can make the physics work and make it safe, we can turn your dreams into reality. We think outside the box where required and provide inside the box solutions where possible. No matter how great a challenge, we will try to make it work, no is our last option.

  • Determination of main dimensions according to ship type, speed and carrying capacity
  • Preliminary form design
  • Speed-power analysis
  • Calculation of preliminary stability, trimmed and damaged stability conditions
  • Calculation of preliminary weight distribution
  • Calculation of longitudinal strength
  • Subdivision calculations
  • Preparation of preliminary general arrangement
  • Calculation of capacities
  • Feasibility studies
  • Preparation of Technical Specification Booklet
Structural Design

We are committed to providing quality customer service to a diversified client base. We strive to provide innovative designs that meet the customer’s needs, maintain the naval architecture design, and provide effective construction costs.

From preliminary to detailed design, the engineering drawings are made under the control of experienced engineers at each design stage. We provide;

  • Structural calculation
  • Class approved structural drawings
  • Workshop drawings for shipyard
  • 3D Model in CAD/CAM programs

Our team is made up of naval architects, 3D visualisers, FEM analysts, working collectively in a relaxed informal environment.


VDenge brings together a multidisciplinary team to assist our customers through all project stages; from concept development to detailed design and with all levels of structural engineering expertise from basic structural design to large scale projects. In CAD/CAM service Vdenge providing;

  • 2D to 3D Conversion
  • CAD Detailing & Drafting

Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) is a detailed diagram in the ship’s systems which shows the piping and process equipment together with the instrumentation and control devices.

Outfitting production engineering includes all components except the hull structure of the ship. In the scope of this process all the following subsystems and equipment, installation of the equipment in relevant spaces, clash control and preparation of necessary production documents and in information are carried out.

The purpose of the “Piping & Outfitting Department” prepares a Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams in order to achieve approvals from the classification society, nation authority and other related authorities as well as to define the project to meet the owner’s requirements. Also, this department works on outfitting equipments’ arrangement and foundation drawings due to requirement of societies and owner requests.

  • Design and arrangement of engine room
  • Calculation of the equipment capacities and selection of equipment
  • Design of propeller and rudder shaft systems
  • Calculation of boiler capacity, heating coil length, design of heating systems
  • Design of ladder, railway, windlass-mooring arrangement and other deck equipment
  • Design and preparation of piping diagrams
  • Design of exhaust and ventilation ducts
  • 3 D pipe modelling and preparation of isometric plans
  • Preparation of P&A, ODME, Rudder Shaft and Clean Sea manuals
  • Preparation of Fire and Safety plans
  • Preparation of Damaged Stability control plans